Why is a Cloud 9 Mattress Better?

Optimum comfort and support are our focus at Cloud 9 Foam Mattresses, and as all our mattresses are custom designed & handmade using a scientifically designed foam layer system that is custom tuned to how you sleep best. We can customise the shape and feel of the foam by using various grades of foam with different softness and firmness levels to suit your comfort and needs.

We only use high density medical grade foam as this is a very important factor which affects the recovery rate of the foam, which has also been treated with anti-microbial protection against mites, bacteria and mould, because of this we give our mattresses a 10-year warranty.

Another feature of our mattresses is the side rail support which stops the side of the mattress collapsing when sat on. We also offer a range of fabrics such as premium quilted velour, PU Ultrathane for medical and waterproofing requirements and also cotton covering, or you can supply your own fabrics.

Certified Pressure Relieving Mattress

The Cloud 9 mattress has been laboratory tested and fully Certified as a Pressure Relieving Mattress – meaning the Cloud 9 is comparable in performance to healthcare mattresses – at a fraction of the price.

Premium Quality

At Cloud 9 we use top quality, high density foam to optimise comfort and support covered in a range of premium fabrics to suit any application.

Custom Made

Custom designed for the ultimate in comfort a Cloud 9 foam mattress features a scientifically designed foam layer system that is custom tuned to how you sleep best, providing the optimum balance of comfort and support.

Peace of Mind

All cloud 9 Matrresses come with our unbeatable 10 Year Warranty. Cloud 9 mattresses are durable and long-lasting.

Anti-microbial Protection

Lifetime Protection against: Dust mites, Mould, Bacteria and Odour.

The Cloud 9 Difference

Lets start in the center, a Cloud 9 mattress features a scientifically designed foam layer system enabling every mattress to be custom-made to how you sleep best. Top this off with a zip-off cover featuring side rail support which helps prevent the side of the mattress collapsing when sat on.

Anti-microbial Protection

Cloud 9 Mattresses feature unsurpassed protection against:

Dust Mites – Bacteria – Fungi – Mildew – Odour

Where can I use a Cloud 9 Foam Mattress?

At Cloud 9 we have a range to suit almost any application from a comfortable mattress at home through to custom shaped mattresses for trucks and caravans or a durable and hygienic solution for Aged Care or medical applications.

Being custom-made means our mattresses can be made to any size or shape and covered with a range of fabrics to suit the intended use.

In the Home

Wake up on Cloud 9 – Our mattresses ensure a great night’s sleep.


Dont put up with the wrong mattress on your next trip – We customise our mattresses to suit


Cloud 9 have a range of slim-line mattresses ideal for swags and tents


A Cloud 9 mattress is custom made to suit any size and shape requirement


A Cloud 9 mattress is comfortable and supportive plus feature anti-microbial protection.

Custom Made Comfort

All Cloud 9 Mattresses are custom made to your individual preferences this includes size and shape – A Cloud 9 Mattress can be made to virtually any size and shape requirement making them ideal for Caravans, Boats, Trucks and more…

Where can buy a Cloud 9 Foam Mattress?

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